Culinary Pleasure

Culinary Pleasure
Welcome to Culinary Pleasure !
Super Tasty International Gourmet Food, Sweets and Milkshakes! Mexican, French, Arabic,Russian, American, German, Spanish, Cuban, Chinese, and more.

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About Culinary Pleasure

The driving force behind the vision for this unique restaurant is the relentless passion for all tasty foods and flavours from all over the world.
No taboos and no restrictions are allowed to distract our chefs from pursuing the ultimate quest of infusing the most delicious flavours from every corner of the world, into a single tasty meal.
Unbound and unrestricted by borders, tradition, or social pressures, Culinary pleasure combines and infuses the best flavours from all over the world in every single bite of our generously portioned tasty food.

Having travelled around the world in search of bold and exciting flavors, i have always wondered, why not combine the best flavours from all over the world into a single meal?
I love Spicy Mexican
Burritos, Caribbean Sweet Fried Chicken, Italian Spaghetti, American pancakes, Arabic Rice, Russian Creamy Sauces, … I love them all, …
BUT… Why should i wait to travel to have all these flavours available for me… NOW YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL !!!

Range of Services

  • Takes bookings
  • Walk-ins welcome
  • Good for groups or parties
  • Good for children
  • Takeaway
  • Catering and Outdoor seating

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Stanley - 2015-09-15 17:06:04

Hope u can maintain the same pricing.